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How to Talk Dirty to Your Partner

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So you want to learn how to talk dirty to your partner? This guide should help you get better at feeling comfortable with something you've always wondered about and wanted to do.

There may be a reason that you are having such a tough time talking dirty. Society has raised us to think that using such language in the bedroom is bad. Using dirty talk is often thought of as taboo. So here are some tips to think about when you've made the decision to talk dirty to your partner and it might just spice up your love life.

First and foremost, don't over think it. If you over think what you are going to say, the words will feel forced and unnatural. It is also very important to not worry about what your partner may think. Your partner may be just as worried about pushing those boundaries as you are. So just relax and let the words flow.

Second, make sure that you have open and honest communication about what words are "turn-ons" and what words are "turn-offs". If you have this talk beforehand you will feel much more at ease and can avoid those awkward moments. Nothing can be worse than "killing the moment".

Another thing to consider is that it just may be the simple things that help take things to the next level. Remember that compliments are always appreciated and go a long way towards making your partner happy.

Essentially all you have to do is tell your partner what turns you on, what you want to do to them, and what you want done to you. The key is to have fun.

If you approach talking dirty to your partner with a positive attitude and openness, you may just find that your partner is more than willing to take part and join in!

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"My boyfriend has wanted me to talk dirty to him ever since we first started making love. I feared that if I didn't do it soon he would find someone who would. After reading your talking dirty guide and putting what you recommend into practice our love making has improved and I am 100% positive he is mine forever" Thank you so much!"

—Shelly D, Estes Park, Colorado

""My Partner Didn't See It Coming..."

"I got your guide and read it three times. Each time I learned something new. After about 2 weeks I decided to practice what I learned on my unsuspecting Partner. That night was one of the most erotic and memorable nights since our honeymoon" TYVM!"

—Lori T, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

""It Was My Wife's Idea..."

"She thought that adding dirty talk to our sex would make things even steamier, boy was she right. After searching the internet for a couple days we couldn't find any good examples on how to talk dirty. We ran across your website and decided to buy your guide. To make a long story short it was the best $27 investment we could have made in our relationship. Cheaper then going out to dinner and much, much better."

—Donald, Titusville, Florida

Click Here To Find Out The Secret To Talking Dirty To Your Partner!

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